Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what goes around...

my friend barbara creates the cutest children's clothes out of recycled clothing. people that she knows will give her old clothing and she uses this as the basis for her inspiration, which she then uses to "cut, patch, create". last year when alan and i were in the throes of renovating our house and preparing to add a baby to it, my mom sat me and my closet down and forced me to clear out and move on...a painful but necessary exercise. afterwards, i gave barbara a big bag of these clothes, and one of the items that i (er, mom) had forced myself to hand over was a old and worn, peasant-ish, wraparound skirt. this skirt had been my mom's in college, then as a child i wore it to play dress-up, and later wore it when i was in college myself...you may remember the little hippie girl erin days. well, i told barbara the story of the skirt and she surprised me with the most darling little dress for olivia...the skirt has again reincarnated itself.



check out barbara's other adorable creations here.
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