Sunday, November 23, 2008

the gift that keeps on giving

looking for a gift for the person who has everything? want to give a gift this year that will give back? or simply looking to win the family competition of who-can-make-mom-cry-at-christmas? (um, yeah. maybe that is only in our house...) well, here is one idea for you. kiva is an organization that facilitates micro-loans to needy communities throughout the developing world. basically, kiva finds entrepreneurs in developing countries of the world who are in need of a loan. what we can do is provide some of the money for that loan. on kiva's website, they list the many programs that are requesting loans, so you can choose what you would like your money to go to. once that loan is paid off (usually in less than a year), you take that money and choose another program to loan to. and so on and so on.

last year, my siblings and i gifted our parents with a kiva gift certificate. it was perfect for them as my dad's business involves agriculture in south america, so they are able to focus their loans in that area of the world. by joining our efforts we were able to get them a certificate for an amount that we feel can really make a difference. oh, and yes. you bet our mama cried.

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