Sunday, December 7, 2008

budding entrepreneurs?





barbara and i had a lot of fun at our combined booth at the daniel island holiday festival yesterday. we were very happy with the way our set-up looked and decided that we are one day going to open a shop full of our handmade goodies, hopefully recruiting some of our other crafty pals. so stay tuned.

the funny thing about this show was that although it was significantly bigger and longer than the other show i did earlier this week, i actually sold a little less. i think there is something to doing smaller shows that can be more successful. at the bigger show, although we didn't really have any competition as far as our actual product, there were so many more vendors that even if people like your product and intend to come back and buy, they may a) spend their money elsewhere; b) forget about you by the time they get the whole way around; or c) just basically get wiped out by the whole overstimulating affair before they make it back to you. but the plus side is that a lot of folks took our business cards, and other vendors shared that they often recieve good business a few months down the line this way. also according to some other vendors, this year is very slow due to the stellar state of our economy. lots of browsers and not as many buyers.

but all in all, the shows were great fun and a great experience. now i'll be glad to fulfill my little etsy orders and concentrate on other things, like making my babe some special first christmas keepsakes!

enjoy your sunday.
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