Saturday, December 13, 2008

holidays in my home

there's nothing cozier than a home decorated for the holidays. even a ridiculously tiny one. such as ours.

we have very limited space for extraneous things such as decorations, but my resourceful mama helped me find a few simple, economic ways to adorn my my home with some sweet holiday decor...

here, an oversized pinecone is placed into a square glass vase and filled in with cranberries. in the background you can glimpse the corner of one of olivia's christmas gifts, a trade that i did on etsy with this shop. we got the giraffe in the fruit loops pattern and it's just adorable.

this is our front door wreath, just a simple wreath bought from a discount store and adorned with holly and berries.

above our windows. i have no idea what exactly this garland is but my mom brought it from home and i love the whiteness, the rusticness, and the simpleness.

we recieved eucalyptus in our csa box many weeks ago and it's held up remarkably well as living room decor. now spray-painted with red and gold, it continues to live on, taking on a new festive flair.

and finally, our tree. although it is painful to both my hubby and i to have an artificial tree, the combination of limited funds, limited space, and limited time here over the actual holiday made us decide that this was best choice for this year. at least this is a cute little tree, and we have it up on a bench, which is pretty much perfect when you have an increasingly curious 8-month-old. we chose a few special ornaments, strung a few lights, and there you have it.

i have plans for one little handmade decor project, but i have yet to find the time to squeeze it in...perhaps tomorrow...

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