Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 months

my baby girl olivia irene

on this day when you are turning 10 months old

(which your mama can't believe)

here are 10 things you are loving right now...

{1} cheese. given a selection of delectable food items on your tray, you always gobble down all the cheese first. you are your mama's baby.

{2} pointing at and attempting to say (some verson of) dada, mama, dog, woof, ball, and baby.

{3} pointing at everything else and pronouncing, "ah-da!"

{4} giving kisses. with mouth wide open.

{5} your doggie, who now may finally love you too, even if it is solely based on the fact that you are now a (messy) finger food eater.

{6} going for walks. except when the sun is in your eyes. you hate that.

{7} music - any and all. and dancing. you already have much better rhythm than either of your parents!

{8} exploring the corners of your home, moving at warp speed on all fours from room to room, pulling up to stand on ev-er-y-thing...all accompanied with squeals of excitement.

{9} waving hi and bye, miss america-style. you love new people, and new places too. your travel-addicted parents say...phew!

{10} every speck of dirt found, every book opened, every game of peekaboo love life itself and you continually reintroduce your mama and papa to all its small thrills and wonders.

i love you, my baby girl!

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