Sunday, February 1, 2009

beach day


i have been missing the beach.

we live only 15 minutes from three glorious beaches, yet it had been months since we had been there.

it is winter. life is busy, days are filled with routine, motivation tends to be slack.

but every once in a while a beautiful sunday slides on in, reminding you of what lies ahead, and you have to take advantage.

i hope a little bit of your sunday stays with you all throughout this week.

{i know the pittsburgh fans will! and the springsteen groupies! oh, how i love the boss...}
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sarah said...

erin! we went out to folly sunday too! (don't know where you guys ended up)
i liked what you said in your was so uplifting to get out and do something out of the normal routine. the weather was so nice and it felt great being outdoors. yay sun! thanks...